The big finale

Week 1:

In my first week of my learning project. I chose what I wanted to learn. I thought long and hard about this decision and could not have been happier with my choice. I must admit that learning how to play the fiddle was a lot harder than I thought. I didn’t realize how long it would take me to actually start playing full songs.

Week 2:

In my second of my learning project, I started out with my Trala app. The lessons in the app begin right from scratch. So I was learning how to hold my fiddle, hold my bow, the placement of the bow and how to rosin it. I found that my sound didn’t sound as it should and quickly found out it was because of the rosin or lack there of.

Week 3:

In the third week of my learning project, I learnt how to tune. I went to a music store to do this because trying to learn it online wasn’t helping me. I couldn’t manage to get the chords tuned right and was afraid to break it. I ended up buying a tuner from the same music store.

After I did this, I learnt the chords on the fiddle. G, D, A, and E.

Week 4:

In the fourth week of my learning project, I started learning open notes. I went through lessons on the app and tried my best to reach a high percentage. I used the Animoto app to create a video of my screenshotted progress and uploaded a video from my Youtube channel.

Week 5:

In the fifth week of my learning project, I learn the open strings E and A. I began crossing string with the two open strings then learnt the B note. I practiced the lessons by crossing strings and switching from notes E, A and B.

Week 6:

In the sixth week of my learning project, I broke my A string trying to tune. I quickly got it fixed the following day. Since I couldn’t play, I started learning how to read notes and sheets from online videos!

Week 7:

In the seventh week of my learning project, I went back into my trala app and tried to get my lessons’ medals. In getting a medal I needed to reach a 95% or higher. In the end, I got the medals! \

Week 8:

In the eighth week of my learning project, I learnt a lot about how the left hand should be positioned and placed while playing notes. I learnt which fingers should be playing which note. I found this week’s learning a little tough and time consuming due to the lessons on the left hand technique. I really had a hard time keeping my hand loose and not gripping the fiddle.

Week 9 & 10:

By far, my favorite weeks. I was so anxious to start playing songs. I knew if I didn’t learn the basics I probably would not have been able to play the songs correctly. I kept telling myself – things take time. In my ninth and tenth weeks of my learning project, I learnt hot cross buns and twinkle twinkle little star! I learn hot cross buns from the trala app. I learnt twinkle twinkle little start from reading notes and a video that perfectly broke down the notes for me!

The video I used to learn twinkle twinkle little star.

I must say, when I started this project I did not think it would be this tough. It made me appreciate nimosom’s talent even more. I really enjoyed this learning experience.

Although, there were times where I had a few minor setbacks – I kept going. I learnt that things take time and I need to be more patient.

I thought of him the whole way.

A short audio and slideshow that I made using Movavi.

What next?

My next project will be learning how to play Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

One thought on “The big finale

  1. Hi Alex! That slideshow was beautiful, and it was so great to get to hear you play a song! Somewhere over the rainbow sounds like it would be quite the challenge, but I’m sure you’ll get there if you keep at it! Hope you have a great summer, take care!!


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