Practice makes perfect!

Photo by Simon Leonardo from Pexels

Good news! I got my fiddle fixed. I found a woman who fixes instruments out of her home. I got in the next day and she took maybe 15 minutes to fix it. It cost me $20. She practically saved my life!

In my 7th week of my learning project, I went back into my Trala app to practice the E and A notes. In my previous blog post I mentioned that some of the lessons required you to get above 95% in order to pass the lesson. I practiced as much as I could then moved on. I didn’t manage to get above the 95% to pass though.

In order to get above a 95%, my pitch and rhythm needed to be at least a 5 out of 6. It took me awhile to reach that accuracy but I did it!

Here is a break down of the courses that I needed to redo.

  • Course 3: E String Blues
  • Course 6: E String Blues 2
  • Course 7: E String Blues 3
  • Although, the courses are named “E String Blues” I actually play the A notes in some of them as well.

    After I was done practicing, I took Janelle’s advice and began labeling my notes under the strings! I worked with what I had to label. I also learned in Course 4: Perfect Placement that we use different parts of the bow. They suggested that I label the lower, middle and top part of the bow. So, I labeled my bow with sticky notes to have a general idea of which bow zone I am using while playing.

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