Hot Cross Buns

Photo by Bruno Henrique from Pexels

In my 9th week of learning how to play the fiddle, I learnt how to play hot cross buns! When this lesson came up in the Trala app, I had to laugh because in my first blog post on my learning project I mentioned that hot cross buns was about the closest I got to playing an instrument.

I finally finished the first chapter (fundamentals) in the Trala app. In the tenth course, I learnt new notes, practiced crossing strings more, and the tune hot cross buns.

  • Course #10: Hot Cross Buns

In this course, I learnt the F and G notes. So, remember when I talked about 1st position? Notes F and G are in the 1st position on the E string. F would be played by my index finger and G would be my middle finger. Once again, I struggled with having flow when crossing strings between notes. I played the exercises and continued until my pitch and rhythm were good.

I made a video with my laptop again on my process and will upload an audio of me playing hot cross buns!

Hot Cross Buns

I uploaded an audio of my playing hot cross buns here.

In the future….

Next week, for my 10th and final learning post, I would like to learn how to play twinkle twinkle little star. A favorite of my daughters and the closest thing to nimosom.

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