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I have been taught throughout most of my later school years through a very traditionalist approach. It worked for me. I struggled in different ways but I had no other choice but to overcome that. I was lucky because there are a lot of children that can’t get past this way of teaching. I have had a lot of great teachers that have taught me this way but that doesn’t mean that their terrible teachers. The curriculum was made by well off educational theorists and it makes sense that we would accept their knowledge as legitimate without question because that was what we do in society. These circumstances have been reoccurring for a very long time with slight changes but it’s entirety always revolved around the process and the product of education. The curriculum is constantly changing and I like to think for the better but when will it ever be neutral? I keep thinking about what Katia and Mike stated in lecture “the curriculum is never neutral” this has been stuck with me because what are we as educators if we can’t create a space for all groups of children to freely learn and transform in?

The quote that I found that spoke to me as a teacher was from Henry Giroux. It goes, “critical pedagogy becomes a project that stresses the need for teachers and students to actively transform knowledge rather than simply consume it.” Education has always been in my experiences something to consume and remember. It was something that you must study and memorize so that you could do well on the assessments that are given. It has shown me that the knowledge that is given to me is important and that we must all have this knowledge. I have learned many useful things in my studies and at times use what I’ve learnt but why must it be static. To me learning is something that is always occurring, it is dynamic, it is altering and transforming and it must be neutral. It is the act of retaining different perspectives of knowledge that is constantly being learned because we always have room for culturally diverse knowledge that is not worse nor better than our own. Education is to be able to think beyond textbooks and tests, it is constantly asking ‘why?’ As teachers I think it is our job to always leave room for discussion and other knowledge that may not be considered ‘legitimate’ within our curriculum, so that our students’ education is never stagnant or partial.

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